A vehicle for different purposes.

Designed to meet high aerodynamic and safety standards, our probe is the perfect vector to carry a payload up to the stratosphere. Modular and adaptable to different payload configurations to suit to objectives and purposes of the specific aerospace mission, it collects and transmit real-time data and high-quality images.


A non-polluting vector capable of carrying the payload up to 35.000 m of altitude.


No polluting propulsion system, only helium gas!

A zero-pressure balloon is at the heart of our operations. The use of green energy sources allow us to lift payloads in a completely sustainable way reaching the stratosphere and conducting activities above the controlled airspace, in the near-space.

Zero-pressure balloon

A scalable design to adapt to the payload.

How you can use our pseudo-satellite platform

Earth Observation

Monitoring of Earth surface to collect and process important information, also for maritime, security and defense (ISR Communications)


Test nano or picosatellites, their components or materials, as well as EDL (Entry, Descent, Landing) missions.

Atmospheric research

A module of our probe for real-time acquisition of important data and pollution of the Earth's atmosphere


Communication support for launchers and satellites missions.


Our autonomous stratospheric pseudo-satellites is a dual-use system that can be also used by Defense and Police Authorities to enhance National Air and Space Security within the boundaries of national interests.

Stratostats can perform ISR Communications (Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance) which can operate in any operational scenario, and include the four aspects closely related and that interact with each other, in Land and Sea: Air security, Space security, Information Security and Ground security