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The space and intelligent software industry currently have a Total Addressable Market of 562,5 billion dollars, expected to grow up to 1 trillion in 2040, thank to sector investments and public support.  Regarding to our applications, we are looking for the “upstream/downstream” and space AI industry, that can reach a SAM of 278,5 billion dollars. 

In consideration of our stratospheric structure that can help us to cover the “downstream” demand, and thanks to the AI software implementation that allow us to serve also the “upstream” demand, our financial pipeline and sector network give us a SOM scenery of 8 billion dollars.

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The evolution of Involve Space 5 years from now

AI pilot software implementation for single balloon

Balloon remote control system and floating system development to allow several days missions

Production of new balloons and new probes: our stratospheric balloon constellation

AI pilot software implementation for multiple balloons coordination (constellation)

AI pilot software integration to other types of aerospace devices

Software will control also satellites and other types of pseudo-satellites

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