Get you closer
to space

Pseudo-satellite platform and AI software to support and enable access to space.

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Access to space as a democratic process.

We provide innovative solutions designed to complement, support or enhance space-based activities through a cost saving, flexible and lean stratospheric pseudo satellite.

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Atmospheric conditions at an altitude of 35.000 m are perfect for testing the reliability of nano- or picosatellites, their components or materials.

Earth observation

Earth monitoring and mapping for a unique look at the planet.

Atmospheric research

Data collection for scientific research at different altitudes.


Innovative projects for schools, universities and research organisations.


Innovation and sustainability

A stratospheric balloon lifting various payloads is the backbone of our zero-emission service. An entirely reusable operational structure inspired by the principles of circular economy that surpass 99,5 % of the atmosphere, reaching the stratosphere using lighter-than-air-gas.

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Experience the revolution of the New Space Economy!

The space and intelligent software industry has a total addressable market of $562.5 billion, expected to grow up to $1 trillion in 2040, thanks to sector investments and public support. With our technology and the implementation of artificial intelligence software, we will be able to cover the upstream and downstream targets, attacking a market segment (SOM) of $8 billion.

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